“I am anything but typical. A sweet surprise. No matter what, I am always looking at the bright side”.

Hello beautiful people! Today was just an ordinary day. It’s Wednesday and I’m stuck at home. But, I consider this day as my ideal day. Why? 

“My ideal kind of perfect day”.

  • A perfect day starts with God and ends with Him at night.
  • Spending my whole afternoon with my family
  • Had some cold drink for this intense summer heat, my yummy Hershey’s Drop, bought by Mom
  • Playing my camera
  • Taking good photographs
  • Twitter. You can follow me @kissmeegently
  • And of course blogging.

I believe, we all want to wake up and say good morning to a perfect day! Wanting to have a perfect day is our choice. Choosing to be happy and choosing to view whatever situation we are faced with in a positive way can turn any bad day into a perfect day. How we react and accept circumstances facing us will definitely make the big difference in our lives. And I am in that moment, blissfully happy.

How about yours? What is your ideal perfect day?

Enjoy the summer. xoxo

  1. pinaygirlngbuhaymo said: my perfect for me is only surrounded with the pipol i love. nice photo btw
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