I am happy because I have no reason not to be.

Me on Valentine’s Day!


Spend this special day with my family.

Nothing like two hearts coming together as one, one heart beat, and one love. The best feeling in the world is having someone like you. Happy Hearts Day from us ❤️

Picture perfect.

It may not be our first picture together, but this is one of the best shot I ever had. “How great is to be loved by you”.

Red roses. Chocolates. Romantic dinner out. Cozy night in at home. It’s Valentine’s Day!

This is my baby girl. I was the one who choose a name for her. Her name is Yessey Cid Kyrleigh but I usually call her baby boo or baby oink. I know it sounds funny but I just love calling that to her. She’s one of a kind, my little angel and our first little princess. And she’s now turning 6 months on Thursday, 13th of Feb.

It is my addiction and habit of photographing her. And these are some of favorites.

"I’m not getting any younger no more. But I have a young soul living in this strange world".

It has been 9 months, months of being inactive. I remember everybody was shocked by the revelation I brought at that day, when they knew I already got married. I received lots of questions, comments and reactions on my social networking sites. And after being married last May 30, 2013, I was no longer interested on Tumblr. I stopped posting and updating my blog.

Many things happened. I became the best slash the loving slash worst wife (hahaha as if) to my husband, I gave birth to a cute baby girl, I got my first job, I met new people and I didn’t gain any weight. I remained being like the body I used to be. It is a quite the happiest knowing most of the people always compliment you gracious words like honey that are so sweet to the soul.

On the other side, these are some of my photos after. I’m now officially a young mother to my cute baby girl and a lawfully wife to my loving husband.

I blink and the story’s on the wall. New lines on my face, new lines of a poem. It’s like the flower in my headHow I knew you would, it just comes to you and all the voices in my hands of yesterday.

I do not want to foresee the future. I am concerned with taking care of the present. God has given me no control over the moment following. I believe, we are all birds trying to find a place to build our nest as people grow apart, and sometimes, there nothing anyone can do about it.

It’s Sunday and it rained very hard. Rain makes everything better. Relax with the sound of rain. Today’s the perfect time for a walk in the woods, live, and dance with it like no ones watching.

There, she is right there inside me; she is gently moving, to her every movement is new. Each day I feel her presence, each day she quickly grow. Each day her heart beats softly, as only I could know.  I’m looking forward when I can kiss your skin, but for now I will just smile, as I feel you play within.

hermusing asked: Congratulations *cries* i hope we can already marry too, it would be so perfect. May your moments together be great and memorable! And more more more more power to the both of you. I am feeling so overwhelm, i don't know :) It's really happy to see couples getting married and being happy and really in love. <3

So sweet of you! Thank you so much. This made my night perfect. I know someday, soon, in God’s time your wedding will be more perfect. Don’t rush things. Hehe, God Bless you sweetie!! :) 

Anonymous asked: Congrats! Just wondering, how did he propose? :)

That was back on the night 6th of May, it was actually my birthday. He did it in the old fashion way! He went to the house after our dinner date, and he asked my parents for my hand in marriage. Simple proposal but he really meant it. And btw, thank you :)

Current emotion:

A quick update! The weather is so hot and I’m home alone, somehow the day is very long for me. I am downtime, waiting for my other half to be back home from work. I’m setting up and really feels quite like a day. I am feeling sad and empty. I am not used to be left alone in the house but I must have to. So, I will just keep myself busy. Reading books might be a nice idea though. 

It’s already 6:08 pm already.  Have a great evening everyone!