“If I wrote it in a book,
could I shelve it?

If I told of what you took,
would that help it?

If I will it,
can I un-feel it,
now I’ve felt it?”

A sudden thought: What if I was born a guy, how would I exactly look like? Hahahaha

Hello weeeekend! ❤️

Playful Bond// Like mother like daughter.

I always make time photographing her. I sometimes spent my days off playing my baby with the cameras on and even videoing her. I just can’t stop myself. Hahaha she already used to it, I mean she even smiled back at the camera in the right and perfect side of the angle.

She’s definitely one of a kind angel!

Anonymous asked: you're already a mother? i couldn't believe that. you are basically one of the coolest woman i've known. wow

Wow thank you :)

06/21 saturday afternoon at Ice Giants-The Strip ❤️

Effort and time are the reasons why most relationship grow and last. And yes, Me and my husband never forget that. Though we are already married: We still spent time with each other. We still go on a date and eat a lot. This man never fails to make me happy. He makes me the happiest I’ve been.

Honesty Hour! Ask me a question :)

06/12 Getting a new hair cut.

Thursday morning of June 12, I woke up with a happy face cause its holiday; and thinking on how will this day be productive. Opps! It took hours for me to decide. And when I look at the mirror, I realized why not get a new haircut? My hair is so dry and dull already and it needs to be fixed and touched somehow. So I went to the Salon and pampered.

Sometimes life needs change. I’m even happier now. Yay Thank you Lord.


Summer feels.

Best Summer Ender ❤️

I’ve been on this so called a life refinement. Priorities change after marriage. Its quite a long time since the last time I posted. I was incredibly uninspired to blog so lately.

I’m becoming more mature: as a Mom, a wife and a professional young woman. This is exactly what I expected the time I said “YES” to the sweetest guy and the moment when I gave birth to a cute baby girl. I never thought I would have to face the reality after.

Anyway, this might not be an official comeback but I’m thanking all my followers who never attempt to click the unfollow button. So… I’ll make a bit of a return to what my blog was in the first place. Hopefully

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at Plantation Bay Resort & Spa

I am happy because I have no reason not to be.

Me on Valentine’s Day!


Spend this special day with my family.

Nothing like two hearts coming together as one, one heart beat, and one love. The best feeling in the world is having someone like you. Happy Hearts Day from us ❤️